Friday, October 31, 2008

Top 50 Football Goals

Not my compilation, but liked it very much.
Excellent one. Aptly my fav Maradona has taken the place he deserves - No 1.

Funny moments in the football field

This refree, not sure what his name is, is like billy bowden in cricket, very very animated on the field and looks more like a ballet dancer :)

Ronaldinho vs Ronaldo - Whos the best!!!!

Hmm, not very easy, judge for yourself.
Cool video

The Best Dribbles Of The World

Maradona triggered my search for football related videos, here is one which I liked.

Diego Armando Maradona

Was reading the news that Maradona has been appointed as Coach of Argentina, it triggered off a series of thoughts on this great personality
Maradona - The name brings joy to so many people who follow football, even my mother knew who Maradona was, though she never followed the game, such is the charisma of this guy, he made everyone happy just by the way he played the game, so I started searching for his videos, found many, the one that am posting below is really a tribute to his gamesmanship and I sincerely hope he brings back all the glory back to Argentina.
Even though I dont play football (tried during my schooling), I wish if I ever became a football player in my next avatar (they say every human has 7 lives, and wishing this isnt my 7th ;) ), I wish to be born as this great person :)

Video - Tribute to Maradona