Thursday, March 16, 2006

Naming Conventions - who named all these places

I was watching the news channel (one of the many I have tuned on my TV), my wife hates me for watching the news channel whenever am in front of the TV, I somehow feel the news channels are more entertaining than any other entertainment channel.

A lady was reporting some news and while signing off she said her name and the place she was in, it made me think when was the last time a place has got its name, I mean other than those satellite towns which are created within a particular town to create a township (which are already well known).

I was born in Bangalore, in the place called Maruthinagar, which is adjacent to Madivala, Adugodi, Tavarekere, Suddaguntepalya and so on, it made me think since my birth all these places have those names and I think my father also remembers them since his childhood (Not taking into account those places which are renamed just to give that 'sense of owning' feeling).

Is there any place wherein people live and do not have a name for that place and are still strugling to find a name, when was the last time humankind found a place that did not have a name and still had people living!!!!! - does'nt it mean that the world has always been properly organised even before the invent of computer and other hi-fi gadgets?

Whats in a name, an apple if called as rose, does it loose its taste? NO, but it defnitely loses it charm

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Accessible or should I say Human Emotion!!!

Google has added a whole new dimension to learning, if I want to learn anything, just google and bingo I am on it, life has never been so easy, technology has compressed the world, it has become reachable to one and all, there are no restriction whatsoever as to who should learn what, if you have the urge then you are on.

Its an alltogether different story that, the rate at which technology is improving, it is making us all more accessible (nowadays, physical contact is not that much neccessary to being accessible) it is also drifting us apart.

I think that we are also becoming less and less adventurous when compared to our parents, grand parents, they had time for everything, but we, oh man ask us about time and we do not have time to speak about that, we have become so mechanical that we tend to forget we are still human with lots of emotion.

Am I blaming the improvements in technology to this (I am in no way accusing Google of taking away human emotion), not really, just that we tend to forget that things can always wait and we should learn to say NO whenever possible (even if its for the heck of it).

When was the last time, I surprised my wife with a flower --- hmm! probably 4-5 months back!!
When was the last time, I called up a distant relative just to say hi --- hmm! never.
When was the last time, I drenched myself in rain and enjoyed --- maybe several years back, when I was studying.
there are so many things that I can list and go on and on, but the point is that we think a lot even for small things, sometimes it is better to be a novice instead of an expert.

To say I love, makes no sense, one should feel it.

Moving from Yahoo 360

I used to blog on yahoo 360, but since most of my friends have a blog on this site, thought would make sense to move in here. Yeah it is difficult to move out of one's comfort zone and take up new things; there is always some kind of doubt in one's own mind whether what I am going to take up will work or not, but invariably it always works, it is just that we are not fine tuned to take up risk in our lives and hence become 'Frog in the Well'.

I have no idea for how long will I stick to here, all depends how easy my friends find to read the blog, so friends are my customers, if they are satisfied I am happy else, I have to move again and find a place where, I can make my customers happy.

Something similar is happening to me in my profession life, I have been with this company for the past 6 years, can call myself a success, have grown from the bottom of the chain in the hierarchy to being a manager, but offlate I am getting this feeling that I am getting into my comfort zone and hence there is fear of moving (shall write later about my fears), and hence am not able to satisfy my own conscience (my customer) and the moment customer is not happy, your business goes down and hence to keep my stocks up, have decided to take the risk and move out of the comfort zone.

Sometimes those decision we think are difficult to take are the ones which are the most easiest.