Friday, March 04, 2011

New rules for Indian Cricket team by ICC for 2011 WC

ICC mulling over the possibility of allowing 13 players to play for India as lot of adv revenue is at stake in case India is eliminated before SF.

Other possibilities (at this time rumor) is that

- If a opposition bowler takes 2 wickets,
he would be asked to change his bowling arm
- If a batsman scores 30, he would be asked to retire and come back again after 2 dismissals, if there are less than 2 dismissals after he retires, then he looses his chance to bat again
- If an India bowler is bowling well, he can bowl extra 4 overs to compensate for lack in bowling department.

ICC is in talk with all the other teams to take it further...
Speculation is that BCCI has a major hand in twisting ICC to take this further.. BCCI nor ICC spokesperson declined to comment.

After I posted this on my FB profile, below are the comments I received...

"Dhoni already told.. they don't want all these favor from BCCI.. they are going to give their 120 % effort... extra 20% as VAT :P"

"Couple of more rules that i could think of
1. Fielding power play: A ball hit in these overs cannot exceed speed of 50kmph so that our fielders can do a heroic chase and save.
2. Switch substitution: Teams could substitute max of 5 players during a single match
3. Live auctions: Working together with ministry of external affairs, any team could buy any player on auction with immediate nationality."

"I think the rule should be: no Indian batsman can be declared out until he agrees to go and an opposition batsman should have to go if an Indian bowler feels so. An umpire should be fined his match fee and his assets frozen if he ruled an Indian out. Also, replays should be banned for the public. Only Indian players should watch it, and for their entertainment only!"