Friday, October 01, 2010

A Phenom called Rajini

As apples need to be eater fresh, I want to jot what is fresh in my memory about what I experienced in the movie hall watching "Endhiran - The Robo".

Not sure if I have ever seen so many TV channel media vans in front of a theater for a movie that is being released interviewing the audience and trying to understand what makes them throng the theater, almost everyone I spoke to wanted to be the first among their friends circle to watch Superstar, none other than the PHENOM they call RAJINIKANTH.

I am a true blood Kannadiga, but just cant resist myself to watch a Rajini movie, doesn’t matter which language it is in, he is a person beyond regional, religion barrier.

The moment his title "SUPERSTAR" appeared on the large screen the entire theater gave a rocking ovation by whistling, shouting.. all they were (including me) doing was purely connecting to the man they like so much.

I have give double thumbs up to Shankar for ensuring that there is no stone left unturned in making this movie, the special effects are actually better than most Hollywood movies, we have arrived is the message to Hollywood.

Aishwarya is amazing, song picturing is truly eye catching, and whoever is the costume designer- should be really proud of the work done.

There are so many scenes in the movie wherein you tend to forget that superstar is 50+, he gives every other hero in this country a run for their money, I think its not just about being chocolate hero, or vulgar gyrations or six pack, it’s all about connecting to the audience and he is a master in it and this movie proves once again.

Rajini performance in the negative role is the standout in the entire movie, his walk, his expressions are something that cannot be explained by words.. it has to be seen.. a picture is equal to a thousand words and he proves it.

I know this can be dismissed as some blabbering of a staunch fan but therein lays the fact of his immense personality; he makes everything he does on the screen believable, only he has that capability.

For the record there is no punch dialogue or actions that are usually his trademark in every movie of his, this is a wholesome entertainer and I am sure even kids would enjoy this movie, my next appointment with the Phenom will be with my family.