Thursday, February 25, 2010

Master Class

Everyone has a favourite crickter of his own, whom they follow religiously, thier ups and downs, records and all the things associated with that cricketer, but above all by default exists one person who is like a birthmark, that stays with you forever and comes after the favourite you have and that person is everyones and belongs to everyone, he is like ABCD that a child learns and never forgets and would go on to specialize in a particular field but ABCD remains with them...

There has been time where I have vested my anger for the way he plays and doesnt finish the game, but the reason why most like does it is because only he has that capability in him to fulfill each and every wish of the cricket loving people.

I missed watching the epic making 200 but ensured that I catch the highlights, see all the programme on each and every news channel discussing how he is great, selfless, little boy etc etc, but what remains at the core is a person who wants to bring ultimate glory to this cricket loving nation and in him is the fire to ensure that India lifts the world cup, he has been seen the cup being elusive for 5 times and this time I am sure he will ensure his hands is laid on it.

Lot can be said and written about him but nothing matches what he has achieved, he is a living legend and a person unparalleled in the history of this game.

He is never sated and thier lies the mystery why he is still successful and will be for a long long time.

This is my small tribute for him from me, Tondulkar is the right name for him.