Friday, April 24, 2009

Tribute to bruno (my german shepherd)

Bruno (my german shepard dog), my ferocious yet gentle friend is no more. He valiantly fought the tumour in his stomach for last six months but finally he gave up yesterday.
I brought him when he was a month old and he has been the baby of the house, he was everything to my dad, one of the reason my decision to move to hyderabad without fear was that he was there taking care of my home and parents.
I remember the days when he used to wait for the gate to be opened so that he can go out and roam freely in the road and still recollect the many complaints we used to get from the people who got scare, but till date he has never bitten anyone.
The days when I used to give him bath, somehow he used to figure out and used to run and hide in the terrace and I had to literally pull him down and give him bath, he was so heavy, it used to take dad and myself atleast 30 mins to give him a proper bath, then he used to love when I used to groom his hair and rub his body, he was always ready to play
My son when he was born used to play a lot with him, he used to hit it, pull the tail and put hands in its mouth, Bruno always knew how to handle kids, he was like a son to my parents and brother to me.
I truly miss him and pray that he has the best in the place where he is travelling now.
He was 9 years old.
Love you Bruno