Thursday, November 27, 2008

When will this mayhem end

Yesterday will be the darkest day for me in the recent past for what has happened in Mumbai and my heart goes out to all people of Mumbai, who are to me the bravest lot at present, these are the people who have withstood time and again the attacks meted out to them.

What would those terrorists be thinking when they pulled the trigger, how can they be so cruel and kill innocent people, if they have an agenda and want to prove then they should fight with the right people and not the general public, we have army for this and waiting for such people to be fought. The pictures shown on TV of the terrorists, show them all to be in thier young age, what would have drove them to commit such a dastardly crime, I just hope that those not turn our to be Indian youths, then we have a larger issue to fight, our own inefficient system which ends up breeding such people. I just wish they are not from this country.

When will this mayhem end and when do we give out strong replies to those involved not just by our voice but something concrete action, I think our intelligence is better than what is being portrayed and we are sure they would be aware of who is behind this and that this attack would have been known atleast to some extent.

I have visited US in recent past, the kind of security checks/being prepared for the worst is the best I have seen, there are absolutely no lapses whatsoever, compared to this, even after repeated attacks in our homeland the government has absolutely failed to instill any confidence to the common man, we are back on our feet after every such disaster is not because of any assurance or safety measures that the government has taken, but because we are all a resilient lot and we know there is no other way for us, WE ARE LIVING WITH A GOVERNMENT (not taking any political party's side) WHICH IS INCOMPETENT AND CARES A DAMN TO THE CAUSE OF A COMMON MAN.

Our own parliament was attacked and what happened, those involved in the attack are still at large or in prison and we are able to nail them down and I am sure this is not the last and there would be many more.

Should I consider myself lucky that I stay in Hyderabad and happened in Mumbai and not here? I really do not know what to say, but what assurance do we have that this wont happen anywhere else. Every time we step into a crowded place or a bus or a train we hope that this wont be the last day of my life.

It wont take even 3 - 4 days for this news to disappear to a small column in page 9 or 10 or the newspapers and all of us focusing on the IPL cricket matches or discuss what movies will the Sharukhs/Salmans/Akshays be acting in and which heroine twisted her ankle and what new product are our cricketers endorsing and see how the opposition and the ruling parties fight it out as to who is better to handle the situation, will this ever change???

We can only pray that whoever is behind these attack realize that all this are wrong and stop by themselves, because there is no way our government is capable of stopping this.

Let us all pray that all those who have been killed and their soul rest in peace and sincerely wish that all this ends today.