Thursday, February 28, 2008

IPL - Cricket, Money, Fame, Name and the Game and Localization

Cricket has been the mantra this year and last for most of the sports lovers in India, what with ICL - Zee's cricket venture headed by Legendary Kapil Dev completing its first tournament with a moderate success and thereby shackling the foundation of BCCI to sit up and take a note of the rebels (ICL is called though).
Cricket has money, it has fame, one can make a name if they are success in this game, but was BCCI willing to share the booty, yes to an extent but not that much what ICL was offering, but then hats off to Lalit Modi who is the brainchild behing IPL and the way it has been marketed.
It was good to see players being auctioned, big names investing in the local cricket teams and hence proving there is no dearth of money for talent and also thereby allowing other sport bodies in the country to learn how to market themselves.
I see IPL heading the same way as how the Football league is played in the west, moving ahead I see players performing more dedicated to the league than thier country (I am not jumping the gun, but how many times has Ronaldo/Ronaldinho/other top players turned out for thier own country when they have a league game), the reason is obvious, your talent is paid more in the league than turing out for ones country (I maybe be proved wrong, but only by an handful of players), even if the top players turned out, it would be interesting to see if the public would watch them with the same vigour as it is now, because what IPL has done is that it has localized the cricket and now fans would cheer for thier local club which would include players from across the globe and hence taking away the charm when two nations meet to fight out, but I firmly believe that during the world cup the passion would rise again as the stake is more.
The onus is on ICC to ensure that they still are commanding force and dont budge to this money game and make sure that players do turn up (I mean top players) for thier respective countries with the same passion it was before the birth of IPL.

Welcome to the world of localization :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Coolest Slow-mo Technology

Pretty awesome, simply amazes where does the technology development would finally take us all???.I just loved the way the balloon bursting has been captured and played back, must see.

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