Saturday, April 21, 2007

Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo

This guys is amazing, I am blown , what an excellent guitaring.
I would posting few more good guitaring.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Darkest Hour of Indian Cricket

Indian cricket has hit the nadir of its state, it cannot go worse than this.
For the past few days after the BCCI meeting, the most thing that has been discussed has been - about endorsements, money, who is getting how much moolah, how much should each cricketer get, what is the limit of ads the cricketer should act in - I am getting the feeling whether BCCI exists to control cricket or something else and also Captain Rahul Dravid (for whom I have utmost respect as a player) comes out issuing a statement that there should be a discussion between players and BCCI officials regarding the endorsements, with this one act he has fallen in the eyes of true cricket fans like us; Did he come out so openly when they came back losing from the world cup, did he or any of the team members bother to aplologize to the Indian public for the poor show they put up in the carribean.

Tendulkar went into a defensive mode and questioned Chapell that in 17 years no one had questioned his commitment and or made any comments about him and it hurts to be questioned by the coach, this shows how much of an indivudual Sachin is, did he even feel how much each and every cricket fan of this country would have felt for the poor show he and the team put, did he come out and speak to the media and explain why they failed and atleast apologize to the Indian cricket loving public, NO, all that matters to him is about himself and as long as his credentials and his reputation is kept intact he is fine (for him individual glory is what matters at this time and not how the team fares).

The indian cricketers defy the boards gag of not speaking to the media if something is said about them but when the team fails no one takes responsibility and quote that they cannot comment because the board says so.

All that matters to BCCI and the Cricketers is about making money and nothing else, they all know public memory is short and all it needs is some Big scores from all seniors and some wickets by our bunny bowlers and then again the media will showcase them as demi-gods and then the story continues again.....

Let Indian cricket rest in peace.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cricket Tamasha

Everyone is saying (Cricketers, Media) that what is happening after India's world cup debacle is the worst phase in the history of Indian cricket and that things would get much worser from now on. I as a cricket fan, a cricket supporter,feel that this is the best thing that has happened and whatever happens from now on would be for the best of Indian cricket.

Any Indian who reads the newspaper or watches the TV has seen that it has been told that 'Sources close to Chappell' have told that Seniors are mafia, Seniors treat the Juniors bad etc. Neither Greg Chappell has told it nor has he endorsed it, then why is Sachin Tendulkar reacting, I think he has kept quite and let the time answer the questions in previous occasions. Suddenly why has he woken up? Is he the only Senior? Why didn't Dravid or Ganguly or Sehwag bother to talk? Best thing was to ignore it and wait till Greg Chappell submitted his report or told the media that yes he did say things like that.

By keeping quite Greg has earned the respect and by reacting, Sachin has really fallen in the eyes of the Indian cricket fan and thus giving the rumor some importance.

Greg Chappell also has his reputation at stake, he also wants to eke out a career as a coach, he does not expect this to be his last assignment, with all this in mind he wouldn't dare to act like a dictator or complain unnecessarily (if what we are hearing is true), I think he has the best interest in mind and wants to prove that he can turnaround the team to be world beaters, but knowing our own Indian mentality we obviously resist any change when things are going ok. That is what I think all players would have done, when they understood that this man means business they did start performing, but good things wont last long and they reverted back to their ways and at the same time with the BCCI coming up with payment based on performance and also maybe a ban on appearing in advertisements for an year or so taking firm ground, they would have ganged up and did whatever we are hearing now.

Hence I feel that whatever happens from now on, will be good for Indian cricket and let the Seniors take a break, play domestic cricket and make a grand comeback and prove us all wrong and once again become the demi-gods or heroes they are now OR continue to stick to their stupid decision of playing till the next world cup and thus ensuring that all budding talents are nipped and prove every Indian who follows this game as a religion that they are all the 0 (zero) in G0D,