Monday, March 05, 2007

Thirty 2

This feb 17th I completed my 32nd year of existence on this planet earth (obviously where else can it be?), its been quite a exhilarating journey till now and hope it goes the same way.
The next day after birthday I was out when some guy in the ATM asked me 'whats the time uncle?', the guy looked not too younger that I qualify to be an 'Uncle', not that I didn't like it, but made me think have I grown old, cant I call myself an youngster (yeah I know all those age is in the mind and as long as you are young at heart that is all what matters), it was just a few years back I was with my friends loafing around, admiring the girls, just watch them smile, giggle around and now I don't do that anymore (does marriage change everything? does it make people so responsible? I don't know, could be true!).
There are lot of things that have changed, I don't get to meet my friends regularly (not that I am complaining), stay out till late nights, discuss all issues on earth till it ends up with a drinking session. I miss we all guys playing cricket every evening in the nearby park and invariably ended up in a fight and then the regular tea and smoke session, man I really miss all those things.
Ok, coming back to feeling older (am 32 and I am older), I feel that I am getting slower in things I do, on my work front I am into a non-technical (people management) role and offlate feel that I should get back into a pure technical role, is it because I want to feel younger? or does the fear of youngsters catching up on me scare me, I am not sure.
I am writing all this so that when I read it some other day I would like to judge myself for my thought process, anyway at this point its true that I am a year older than I was year back and compared to next year I am still younger and eager to ensure that my journey remains as exhilarating as it has been.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ajax platform

In my earlier post (Online Offline) I had mentioned about the offline applications and the next best thing to be happening to internet.

Morfik's have created a 100% ajax platform (not yet released and needs commercial license) which are heading in this way and is delivering what Firefox 3 is planning to deliver much before the web browser does.

Morfik allows developers to use high-level programming languages (which give the developer more power - e.g. BASIC, C#, Pascal) to create web apps. It does this by converting apps from high level language INTO Ajax code. For example, says Morfik, all the rich internet apps in their labs were written in a high level language, then translated into Javascript. So essentially you can develop web apps not needing to know Javascript, or even what Ajax is.

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Hilarious video (Kannada)

Once in a while you come across something innovative and which makes you sit up and notice it, I went through the same feeling when I saw this hilarious video, wherein a person sings the famous 'Bhagyada Lakshmi baramma' song in the way a muslim who speaks kannada sings.

Watch the video

Offline Online

Off late there has been a whole new talk of the internet applications being available offline, which typically mean that if you are working on a online application (connected to the net) and your net connection goes down (happens a lot to me) and the application still allows you to work offline and when the connection is back online, you can post all your changes (may sound simple and lot of people may say so what??).

Just imagine that the gmail application is available for you to check your mails offline (can it be done now?), nope, thats what the future is in store for us.

Firefox (yes the revolutionary browser) is planning to deliver the support for offline applications in its next big version - Firefox 3 and Google is very much interested and planning to make this a success.

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