Monday, December 28, 2009

AVATAR - A journey into reality

Having waited for more than a week to watch AVATAR, finally the d-day arrived on Dec 27, 10:30PM at IMAX 3D, Hyderabad.
Accompanied with family we took a journey into reality, a world created by James Cameron.
If you want to watch AVATAR, please do watch it on IMAX 3D screen, one has to experience the 3D aspect to believe it and enjoy the journey, I was amazed with the attention to detail that has been given in the movie, the insects, the six legged animails, the envornment, the NA'VI people, thier mannerisms, flying dragons..... the list goes on, the movie it the culmination of technology with story telling.
It is not just about the 3D aspect that the movie is worth watching for, it is about the values that we as humans tend to forget and accept by default that whatever we see is ours and that we should own it.
My son in between the movie asked me "'Appa idhu nijana' :=: 'Dad it this real'" and it was hard to convince him it isnt, he already has made plans for his next visit to Pandora :)
I promise that when you leave your chair and exit the movie hall, you would have fallen in love with Pandora and all that is part of Pandora.
The bonding between the Na'vi and the horse, how a dragon chooses its master and once it chooses it will never allow anyone else to ride it till it dies, the flying jellyfish like insects, the 'touch me not' plant, that closes itself the moment anyone touches it in a swirling fashion, the trees, the sleeping cocoon of the Na'vi, trust me you wont forget a single moment in the movie because you become part of it from the beginining.
Its a movie every one who is a film buff should watch, its the holygrail of the cinemas, I have never been amazed so much by a movie as I have with this movie, no doubt James Cameron took so many years after Titanic to make a movie that not only breaks barrier with the conventional thinking but sets a benchmark to everyone else to follow.
As we left the theatre, son told me " 'Appa naavu Pandora ge hogona' :=: 'Dad, we shall also go to Pandora'" and that is the feeling I am right now, when can I visit Pandora...