Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chatting on iGoogle

The iGoogle page has been increasingly becoming poplular by offfering all the google services on one page, the gmail app on iGoogle is better in terms one can not only check the mails, they can move/delete/compose etc being only on the iGoogle page, the one thing that was missing was the ability to chat and now Google has added that to iGoogle.

Official Google Blog: Chatting away on iGoogle...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wonder Boy - he can speak many foriegn language (He is not educated though)

I got this videos forwarded from a friend, this world has still things to amaze me :).
This boy wonder, Ravi is a seller of hand fan made of peacock feather and lives in slum.
While selling he has picked up so many languages from the tourists that he can converse in thier own language (german, japanese, arabic, italian, french and many more).
In the first video which was shot many years ago shows the young Ravi selling, the second video was shot when he is in his teens and he is still on the street selling the peacock fans.

This kind of somehow explains how the kids in SD Millionaire could talk to the tourists in english even though they are illiterate, Money and hunger ensures that we learn anything and do to survive in this nasty little world.
Even though I can speak Kannada/Telugu/Tamil/Hindi/English/Malayalam (little), this one is way  beyond.

In his younger years

In his teenage years