Thursday, June 26, 2008


Imagine running three or more external monitors off your laptop, two of which are running off of a dedicated graphics card ( ie, HD 4800), the other off an integrated card. Using AMD's XGP (external graphics platform) technology you can.

Rob bushway explains how this works in his article AMD's XGP - Totally Awesome.

With AMD Graphics the options are many :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

AMD Ad - Make the right choice

Cool ad featuring Vishy.

No Myth Just Facts - Make the Right Choice

Certainly there are lot of myths and less facts surrounding when it comes to choosing the right processor for your computer, do I sound like an marketing guy trying to convince, hopefully not its all about making the right choice and a choice that works for you not being in a herd mentality (wikipedia has nice article on herd mentality, just to make life easier for all and not to show my capability of internet awareness).

AMD, which everyone know has great products but still most are not aware of its products as much as they do about Intel, well atleast in India. But things are bound to change and the change has happened, Vishwanathan Anand has is now AMD brand ambassador, well obviously Vishy doesn't need introduction, he is the grandmaster in chess just like AMD is to processor, its like AMD is 'Grandmaster Inside' ;).
Vishy is intelligent, proven performer, less glitz and more work, consistent - all qualities which AMD is also know for.

For people who want to break the myths and know facts, there is a cool website, wherein Vishy guides you through making the right choice

Watch this cool ad, which is already being shown in most popular TV channels in India, now available at Youtube-AMD Adv